~Transforming Trauma through the Wisdom of the Body~

Who do I help?

Rooted Bliss Integrative Somatic Healing helps people using intentional dialogue, breathing & mindfulness, movement and stillness, safe & supportive touch when appropriate, and music- and art-based interventions. I am a specialist in somatic trauma recovery and a yoga therapist with nearly a decade of training in body-based transformational modalities.
If you are struggling with…
  • chronic stress
  • chronic pain
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • numbness / hopelessness
  • gut disturbances
  • sleep disturbances
  • abrupt mood swings and over-reactions
  • extreme tiredness and loss of energy
  • feeling disconnected from friends and family
  • feeling like you’re “just going through the motions”
  • turning to addictive behaviors or substances in order to manage

…Then my services might be for you.

My approach can complement the work you are already doing with other practitioners. Perhaps you have been offered options like medication or surgery, or you are in talk therapy. A somatic approach can be the missing piece of the puzzle that pulls it all together.
Somatic integration and yoga therapy have the power to transform your body, mind and nervous system from the bottom up. By connecting to your embodied & alive experience in each moment, I can help you begin to:
  • Heal destructive, trauma-rooted patterns in the body/mind
  • Address physical & physiological imbalances naturally
  • Discover true inner peace and tranquility

A Body-Mind Healing Modality

Rooted Bliss is a trauma-focused, body-based healing modality.
I incorporate Somatic Trauma Resolution (soma=body), attachment work and therapeutic touch, Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda (ayur=life, veda=knowledge), and more.
Somatic work is unique in the field of trauma. It does not require the re-telling or re-living of traumatic events. Many chronic physical symptoms are actually stuck survival energy, creating chaos in the body and mind.
We all have trauma. Trauma is not just the result of major disasters. It does not happen only to some people.
An undercurrent of trauma and stress runs through ordinary modern life, with its constant changes and challenges to which we — and our bodies — must adapt.
And our bodies do adapt, with the same survival energy that has helped our species persist over millennia.

I am not here to fix you, as I truly believe there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. Instead, I invite your body’s spontaneous natural inclination toward healing to take root.

If you have a cut on your finger, you know it will heal on its own with the right support and care. It is the same with our mental, emotional, and spiritual health – our bodies and minds naturally want to heal; we just need the right support!

Rooted Bliss comes from a whole-person perspective that takes into account:

  • Your present circumstances, diet, routines, and lifestyle
  • Your relationships at home and in the community
  • Patterns left over from painful past events
  • Societal influences and cultural adversity
  • Family and ancestral history
  • Your relationship to spirituality

All of these aspects of your Being are interconnected and can play a role in your wellness or illness!

Services Offered:

Why Rooted Bliss?

Rootedness: A sense of safety, connection and grounding

Bliss: A sense of inner peace, well-being and joy

“Traditional psychotherapy can take years, but somatic therapy is effective in a short amount of time. The body can hold unconscious memories and patterns that are not released through traditional talk therapy. Addressing body sensations and patterns creates relief from suffering on a deep level.”

-Michelle Pate, California Somatic Institute

Kate Hartman, C-IAYT, SEP

It is my passion to help others get their lives back. I believe that healing is a human right, and that not only recovery, but resilience, is possible for all of us. I work with your body-mind and your nervous system so that you can access the fullness of your own vitality, creativity, and joy. Why should you trust me? I’ve been there! Read my story.

SEP means Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, a specialized trauma resolution modality. C-IAYT means I am certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, which requires over 1,200 hours of training in yoga. I also have training in Compassionate Inquiry, the Roll Model Method, and various forms of touch and energy work. See a complete list of my trainings here.

Culturally sensitive and neurodiversity-informed; offering in-person work in Evansville, Indiana and distance work via Zoom. Contact me with questions, or Schedule an appointment.
If what I offer isn’t right for you, I can refer you to a variety of other practitioners so that you can find the healing you deserve.

Every session starts from the viewpoint that you are already whole and complete. No human is too far gone to find resilience and thrive. Your symptoms, rather than being pathological, contain the seeds of transformation. You CAN begin anew.

See what others have to say about Rooted Bliss!

Thank you! That was wonderful. I loved being supported, and I felt trusting. Kate – you are a great listener!

Carol B.

Kate really helped me to discover where different tension points were that my body held. She also helped me to understand the emotional attachments and reactions I have to those different tension points. I feel more open in my throat, chest, and shoulders; those were areas I needed to expand. Kate is really good at getting at the problems – really helpful!

Leah C.

This session was one of the deepest experiences [I have had] regarding barriers emotionally holding me back from being more at peace and loving myself. It helped me sense what was hindering me emotionally. It was excellent, as usual. Thank you, Kate!

Mike F.

It was a beautiful session, and really insightful. I felt comfortable opening up. It really helped me to embrace my younger self and have compassion for her. Kate, I hope you never have any doubt how wonderful you are at what you do!

Cheri H.
Kate is very intuitive, she has a broad set of skills and understands the concept of “the body never lies.” Kate was able to hold me in the best possible way. I felt safe to go to places I usually don’t go, after my first session.
Steve B, Online Client

I am surprised how open I was about my feelings after only a few minutes with Kate. I feel positive and more relaxed, and the session made me feel it’s okay to have my thoughts – good or bad – and I feel my mind is free of the burden of trying only to have good thoughts.

Lorraine M.

Kate has a wonderful and calming presence. It is a very comfortable and safe practice, very relaxing and grounding. I always feel connected to my body afterwards.

Ben R.

I feel that this was a much-needed reset. I was able to surrender for a time in order to let subconscious & spirit come forward. You made this a very comforting experience.

Cassandra H.

Kate has a calm and peaceful demeanor, which made me feel very relaxed and safe. I received physical relief as well as mental relief.

George B.

I enjoy the safe space and the permission to be fully aware of myself, my comfort and my thoughts. Kate encourages me and helps me vocalize and realize things I wouldn’t otherwise even be aware of or acknowledge. At the end, we gather up everything and connect points, helping me see it in a cleaner fashion.

Juliana C.

Excellent! Really beyond what I thought it might be. Compassionate and caring therapy. I got insight into a long standing issue and a different way of looking at it. I feel more connected to my body, with less build-up in certain areas. Kate does a wonderful job asking good questions which lead me to truth and healing. Kate, you’re obviously on the right path with this work!

Melissa K.

I really appreciate Kate’s ability to listen and see what’s going on, and having really good instincts to go in a particular direction. I’ve been coming every week for a while and it really helps me!

Joe H.

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