Trauma and stress can rob us of our ability to feel rooted and safe in the world, as well as our ability to live freely with joy.

 Rooted Bliss Intuitive Somatic Healing can help restore these innate human qualities to your life.


Rooted Bliss is a phrase invented to describe the feeling-state that can become available when somatic healing is successful. Rootedness is a sense of safety and grounding, and bliss is of course an indescribable sense of well-being. A Rooted Bliss somatic healing session is a unique experience, and each session is tailored to meet the client’s needs. Rooted Bliss intuitive somatic therapy can address the root cause of symptoms in the body and help clients heal from addiction, trauma, adverse childhood events, stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and more.


Sessions available now in Evansville, Indiana. Kate is the only practitioner in the tri-state area who combines Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing touch work, Michael Lee’s Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, and Kathy Kain’s work in Early Attachment. Each session is tailored to meet the client’s needs.

See what others have to say about Rooted Bliss!

Thank you! That was wonderful. I loved being supported, and I felt trusting. Kate – you are a great listener!

Carol B.

It was a beautiful session, and really insightful. I felt comfortable opening up. It really helped me to embrace my younger self and have compassion for her. Kate, I hope you never have any doubt how wonderful you are at what you do!

Cheri H.

This session was one of the deepest experiences [I have had] regarding barriers emotionally holding me back from being more at peace and loving myself. It helped me sense what was hindering me emotionally. It was excellent, as usual. Thank you, Kate!

Mike F.

I appreciate Kate’s warm welcome. I am surprised how open I was about my feelings after only a few minutes with Kate. I feel positive and more relaxed, and the session made me feel it’s okay to have my thoughts – good or bad – and I feel my mind is free of the burden of trying only to have good thoughts.

Lorraine M.

Kate really helped me to discover where different tension points were that my body held. She also helped me to understand the emotional attachments and reactions I have to those different tension points. I feel more open in my throat, chest, and shoulders; those were areas I needed to expand. Kate is really good at getting at the problems – really helpful!

Leah C.

Kate has a wonderful and calming presence. It is a very comfortable and safe practice, very relaxing and grounding. I always feel connected to my body afterwards.

Ben R.

I feel that this was a much-needed reset. I was able to surrender for a time in order to let subconscious & spirit come forward. You made this a very comforting experience.

Cassandra H.

Kate has a calm and peaceful demeanor, which made me feel very relaxed and safe.

George B.

I enjoy the safe space and the permission to be fully aware of myself, my comfort and my thoughts. Kate encourages me and helps me vocalize and realize things I wouldn’t otherwise even be aware of or acknowledge. At the end, we gather up everything and connect points, helping me see it in a cleaner fashion.

Juliana C.

Kate really helped me tap into an unhealed part of myself. The session helped me to become aware of the tension in my body, and helped to let go of the tension. This was my first session, and it exceeded my expectations. I received physical relief as well as mental relief.

Jessica H.

Excellent! Really beyond what I thought it might be. Compassionate and caring therapy. I got insight into a long standing issue and a different way of looking at it. Kate, you’re obviously on the right path with this work!

Melissa K.

I feel more connected to my body, with less build-up in certain areas. Kate does a wonderful job asking good questions which lead me to truth and healing. It’s a healing experience.

Melissa D.

I really appreciate Kate’s ability to listen and see what’s going on, and having really good instincts to go in a particular direction. I’ve been coming every week for a while and it really helps me!

Joe H.