Emotions versus Perceptions, Interpretations, and Evaluations

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Feelings This is a list of basic feelings. They are affect, often combined with a somatic sense, that doesn't include a person's thoughts, intentions, or evaluations. Acceptance Affection Agitated Aggressive Alert Amused Angry Annoyed Anticipation Anxiousness Appreciative Aroused Ashamed Blissful Blue Bored Calm Comfortable Confused Content Curious Despair Determined Disappointed Discouraged Disgust Distress Down [...]

Natural ways to work with anxiety, Part 2

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In my last blog post, I went over two ways to heal anxiety naturally, without drugs or pharmaceuticals. This post is a continuation, with three more strategies to try when working with anxiety. If you already read that post, go ahead and skip down to the healing modes. If you haven't, here is some background [...]

Natural ways to work with anxiety, Part 1

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Somatic healing is informed by a bio-psycho-social model, which generally holds the following views regarding anxiety (notice that these are, for the most part, in direct conflict with the traditional medical (chemical) model: Chronic anxiety is a form of suffering often caused by avoidance of painful emotions. Our modern culture pathologizes emotions, and many families [...]

Welcome to Rooted Bliss, your place for somatic therapy.

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How is somatic therapy different from traditional talk therapy? Traditional psychotherapy uses dialogue, and focuses on the thoughts the client is having. The client talks about what is wrong so the therapist can help them find solutions. This model is fine, except it deals with the mind and often completely ignores the body! Most clients [...]