What is Phoenix Rising® Yoga Therapy?

Have you ever gone into a yoga pose and felt an emotional release, or had a deep insight arise on its own? Imagine a connected, compassionate, nonjudgmental witness holding the space for you to have that release, while physically supporting your body in opening. A PRYT session is fundamentally different from a yoga class. It is a yoga-based modality unlike any other, and is practiced with the intention of helping you access your own inner guidance.

In a Phoenix Rising session, intentional movement, embodied mindfulness, tailored dialogue, and assisted postures open your body and focus your mind. From this space, insight often arises on its own. The practice connects you with your own inner guidance, while integration, coaching and follow-up ensure you leave with an action plan for self-created change. I am committed to holding unconditional positive regard for every client, and I incorporate my training and knowledge in Ayurveda, the Subtle Body, and the Chakra System into every session.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is often more effective if the client has some previous experience in yoga.

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What is Somatic Experiencing® ?

SE, developed by Peter Levine, is a leading technique in trauma resolution. It’s based in the idea that animals in the wild are exposed to trauma quite frequently, but are rarely “traumatized” by it. This is because they are connected to their environment, and they don’t have a cerebral cortex to impede their own defense mechanisms. In humans and animals, post-traumatic stress occurs when the body’s survival responses are thwarted, resulting in stuck, chaotic energy in the body and a wide range of destructive symptoms.

Through dialogue and gentle contact with the hands, the SE process allows thwarted survival responses to find completion.  This brings your system back into balance – sometimes completely resolving symptoms of post-traumatic stress.  It is a short term, naturalistic, gentle treatment which allows the body’s own healing impulse to take the driver’s seat.

SE does not require the verbal recounting of traumatic incidents; it works directly with the nervous system. First we must have a baseline level of regulation in your body. This means establishing safety and connection. Only in the context of a safe, connected relationship with the therapist, the client can gradually learn to move through difficult bodily sensations and emotions. The result is often a feeling of coming home to the body.

Somatic Experiencing® is the basis of what I offer in Rooted Bliss Intuitive Somatic Healing sessions. I offer a compassionate presence by holding space for each client’s experience, while honoring their boundaries both physical and emotional, and paying careful attention to the body in order to help it navigate the non-linear path toward healing. Although you may see immediate results after only one session, more are often necessary to reach your full healing potential.

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What is Compassionate Inquiry®?

Compassionate Inquiry was developed by Gabor Maté, a Canadian physician. I started following him in 2014 on YouTube (I highly recommend checking out his videos), where he challenges our culture’s dominant ideology about trauma, addiction, and human suffering. Gabor has co-hosted a workshop called “Beyond Addiction” for several years.

The other organizer of that series (Sat Dharam Kaur) began to notice that the way that Gabor worked with individuals was helping them find a deep insight about their lives, and real transformations were taking place. His intuitive, empathic method of inquiry was clearly changing people’s lives. Gabor himself did not think the method he was using could be standardized, as he felt he was just listening and asking questions. Luckily the sessions were all recorded, and Sat Dharam went through the footage intensively to define and separate the individual techniques Gabor was using to help people find their own deep insight.

After extensive time and work to standardize the approach, Sat Dharam and Gabor are offering a year-long training and certification in Gabor’s method, appropriately titled “Compassionate Inquiry.” I will complete this training in April 2020 and will be certified later that year. It is an excellent completion to the work I already do, since it offers additional possibilities for people to discover un-examined sources of harmful patterns and create lasting changes.

The approach is gentle, body-based, and present-moment-centered just like the other methods I use. It helps me help my clients discern the subtle difference between a belief, a feeling, a perception, and an emotion. I have found that without awareness of the perceptions and beliefs we operate from on a daily basis, we really can’t find the breakthroughs needed to create a different internal state of being. Compassionate inquiry can help us come to that awareness and make profound shifts.

Although my training is not complete, Compassionate Inquiry has already become a major part of the work I do with clients over Skype and Zoom, as well as in person.

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