Who can benefit from Rooted Bliss?

My mission is to help you:
Come into balance
→ Reconnect to your body
→ Address physical symptoms naturally
→ Transform destructive and traumatic patterns

I support people using several different modalities, which are always suited to the individual. No two sessions are alike, because my clients are all different!

As a Yoga Therapist, Somatic specialist, and teacher of Therapeutic Yoga, I take a unique, integrated approach. I have trained in body-based transformational modalities for years, and continue to train with master lineage teachers. You can read more about my offerings on this page.

I call my body-based trauma work Somatic Integration, which works with conditions including but not limited to:

  • Chronic pain
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Post-car-accident symptoms
  • Suicidality and emotional shutdown
  • Major and minor single-incident traumas
  • Addictions and addictive/compulsive behaviors
  • Complex trauma (C-PTSD) and early childhood trauma
  • Hormonal and endocrine imbalances resulting from stress
  • Grief and other chronic stresses that are affecting the body
  • Undiagnosed psychosomatic symptoms (no, it’s not “all in your head!”)

Many of these conditions are best served by a team-based approach, which may include enlisting outside care from physicians and other medical providers, psychotherapists or counselors, and/or other holistic modalities such as functional wellness, herbalism, chiropractic, or massage. A somatic approach can be the missing piece of the puzzle that pulls it all together.

Trauma creates a profound lack of safety; so in Somatic Integration, we start by building and learning to access an internal sense of safety through:

  • Somatic-emotional awareness, containment, and processing with mindful, intentional dialogue
  • Gentle breath practices and slow intentional movement
  • Working with parts (internal family systems), attachment, ancestral patterns, and societal/cultural patterns

I also teach bodily self-care and transformational wellness through Therapeutic Yoga, Assisted Stretching, and Fascia Self-Care. Awareness, breath, movement, and stillness can help you:

  • Reduce or remove pain naturally
  • Experience stability and inner calm without rigidity
  • Listen to and honor your own body from the inside out
  • Practice and learn self-care techniques you can continue at home

And finally, I offer therapeutic listening (the Safe and Sound Protocol) and gentle supportive touch to directly access and shift your nervous system in ways that movement and dialogue alone cannot do.

Yoga is the starting and ending point for all my work (but not the type of yoga that involves jumping around on a mat!) – keep reading to learn how the vast, deep, rich, and beautiful tradition of yoga actually encompasses all of Rooted Bliss’s other therapeutic modalities.

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More on the term “Yoga Therapist”

There can be confusion around the terms Yoga Therapy and Yoga Therapist, and actually confusion about what yoga is in general. Many people assume yoga is something done on sticky mats, and only by people who are already flexible or who have a certain body type. Neither is true!

Yoga is a comprehensive tradition that includes practices across many disciplines, not just movement and breath. No disrespect to yoga teacher trainings, but yoga is something that cannot be learned only in 200 or even 500 hours, or even in a single lifetime! Ultimately, yoga’s goal is to guide us to live better through deep personal transformation, so we can take right action in our lives, with more ease, more clarity, and less suffering. Therefore Yoga Therapy includes all aspects of this transformation, not just a physical practice done on mats.

So, yoga therapy is different from a yoga class, and is even different from “therapeutic yoga” (which I also offer). Yoga Therapy is a one-on-one modality that meets each person exactly where they are, and includes every aspect of being human. Both Yoga Therapy and Therapeutic Yoga can benefit anyone!

Yoga Therapy is actually the umbrella under which all my other work happens, including somatic integration and trauma resolution. Traditionally, yoga therapy includes:

  • Lifestyle, routine, & dietary recommendations
  • Mindfulness and body awareness
  • Practical philosophy for daily living, in alignment with deep principles
  • And yes, posture and breath work, but only as needed and suited to the individual!

My Yoga Therapist training is over 1,000 hours above that of a yoga teacher, and is still ongoing! I have studied and trained intensively in broad topics including:

  • Ayurveda, the oldest system of health care in the world
  • The subtle body, energy meridians, and chakras (pronounced “chuh-kra,” not “sha-kra”)
  • A working knowledge of anatomy and physiology
  • Sanskrit studies
  • Deep principles of yoga philosophy
  • Jyotisha (or Vedic astrology)

More about my Approach

As a yoga therapist I do not diagnose or treat. Instead, I invite your body’s spontaneous natural inclination toward healing to take root. If you have a cut on your finger, you know it will heal on its own with the right support and care. It is the same with our mental, emotional, and spiritual health – our bodies and minds naturally want to heal; we just need the right support!

Yoga’s ultimate goal is to address imbalances in the whole person. We are not here to fix, as I believe there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. Rather we invite curiosity, play, and new possibilities for greater balance, integration and alignment.

All my clients are welcomed into a safe, non-judgmental space where your own awareness is the greatest tool. Rooted Bliss is a whole-person perspective that can address and support not only your physical symptoms but also any imbalances in:

  • Your present circumstances, diet, routines, and lifestyle
  • Relationships at home and in the community
  • Patterns left over from painful past events
  • Societal influences and cultural adversity
  • Family and ancestral history
  • Spirituality*

All of these aspects of your Being are interconnected and can play a role in your wellness or illness.

*A footnote to say that yoga is not a religion. Anyone from any spiritual background (or none) can benefit from yoga, yoga therapy, and somatic integration.

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My Training

  • C-IAYT Yoga Therapist; Completed certification 2019, in private practice since 2016. Member, International Association of Yoga Therapists
    • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training through Holistic Yoga School
    • 300-hr Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training through Phoenix Rising
    • 600-hr Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist certification
      • Levels I, II and III, 20 days
      • Supervised Practicum for 1-on-1 therapeutic sessions, 9mos
      • Yoga Philosophy, 5 days
      • Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga Therapists, 6 days
    • Additional IAYT courses through Phoenix Rising:
      • Group Facilitator Training, 8wks
      • Chakras and the Subtle Body, 9wks
      • Introduction to Ayurveda, 13wks
      • Additional Mentoring for Yoga Teachers, 3mo. supervised practicum
      • Yoga for Arthritis with Steffany Moonaz PhD, 5 days
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, completed certificate 2019
    • 250+ hours including 12+ personal sessions and 18+ consultations
    • Faculty: Linda Stelte, Joshua Sylvae PhD, Raja Selvam PhD, Dave Berger and Lael Keen
    • Additional consultations completed with Peter Levine PhD, Twig Wheeler, Ana Do Valle
  • Additional yoga studies:
    • Ongoing, traditional Yoga Lineage studies with Kaya Mindlin C-IAYT, (weekly) 2021-2022 and beyond
    • Chakras Illuminated: The Original Function of the Chakra Systems of Tantrik Yoga, 4 weeks, 2021
    • Practicing In the Curve: Community Conversations with Molly Lannon Kenny (weekly) 2020-2021
    • Ongoing weekly Jyotisha study with Penny Farrow

.Further Education

  • Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Mate PhD and Sat Dharam Kaur, 1 year, 2019-2020
    • Completed training & most of supervised practicum
  • Advanced Somatic Experiencing courses:
    • Yoga and Psyche with Marianna Caplan PhD, 3 days 2017
    • Advanced practitioner Integration with Kathy Kain PhD, Maggie Phillips PhD and Caryn Scotto D’Luzia, 2 days, 2016
      • The Neurophysiology of Early Trauma
      • Repairing Early Trauma by Working with Fragmentation
      • Neurobiology of Shame and Somatic Shame Resolution
  • Other courses:
    • Healing Cycles of Harm with Rosa Cabrera, Tony Olivier and Sage Hayes, 8 weeks, 2020
    • Animist Psychology with Daniel Foor (Ancestral Medicine), 8 weeks, 2020
    • Before we were white: Ancestral recovery for collective liberation (White Awake), 6 weeks, 2020
    • Certified Graphoanalyst through IGAS, 1 year, 2009
    • Safe and Sound Provider Certificate through Integrated Listening Systems, 3 hours, 2021
    • SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing: A Portal Into Transformation with Ana do Valle, 5 days, 2021
  • Touch & Bodywork trainings:
    • Reiki Level I and II, 2 days, 2014
    • Seido Bio-Energy Therapeutics Level I, 5 days, 2013
    • Introduction to SourcePoint workshop, 2hrs, 2016
    • PRRT (Primal Reflex Release Technique) Home Study Course, 2017
    • Roll Model Practitioner (RMP) Certification, 2021

My Certifications

Additional Approaches

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