What is Compassionate Inquiry®?

Compassionate Inquiry was developed by Gabor Maté, a Canadian physician who has made a name for himself by challenging our culture’s dominant ideology about trauma, addiction, attachment, and human suffering. Gabor has co-hosted a workshop called “Beyond Addiction” for several years, has published many books, and offers lots of free informative content on YouTube.

Gabor’s intuitive, empathetic method of inquiry has changed people’s lives all over the globe. He and his colleague Sat Dharam Kaur (a retired nutritionist and addiction counselor) have developed a comprehensive certification in the approach, so that practitioners everywhere can help their clients uncover their own deep insight.

I will complete this training in April 2020 and will be certified later that year. It is an excellent companion to the work I already do, since it offers additional possibilities for my clients to unearth and unravel the deeper sources of harmful patterns — creating profound, lasting shifts in perspective.

The approach is gentle, body-based, and present-moment-centered just like the other methods I use. It offers a dynamic repertoire of techniques and skills. CI is, in short, a fast-track to uncovering and healing the hidden sources of pain and addiction.

Although my training is not yet complete, Compassionate Inquiry has already become a part of the work that I offer.

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