What is Gentle Touch Work?

For some clients, I offer over-the-clothes touch. The work I do is unique and has been adapted over several years from my training in SE Touch, Reiki, SourcePoint, and Seido Bio-Energy.

SE touch was developed as an offshoot of craniosacral and osteopathic modalities. Reiki, or “universal energy”, is a gentle vibrational medicine that works mostly with the chakras but can be used anywhere on the body. SourcePoint therapy is an esoteric modality that works with the body’s “blueprint for health” using various “points” throughout the body and surrounding field. Seido Bio-Energy is an advanced modality that works with meridians and energy lines in the body, pushing or pulling energy wells in specific points such as from old or current injuries, and working with the internal organs to enhance their functioning.

The touch I offer is always with informed consent. Your safety is my first priority. Touch is always non-sexual.

The goals of touch work include:

    • Directly regulating the nervous system
    • Creating safety by accessing attachment impulses
    • Aligning and balancing energy systems in the body
    • Helping the client feel more embodied through gentle contact

Depending on the client’s unique needs, Rooted Bliss sessions may include no touch at all or include occasional touch, always accompanied by dialogue. And some sessions might take place with the client lying on a table while I offer touch and energy work the entire time. Each session is tailored to the client’s preferences (which may change moment to moment and day to day).

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