Yoga for Trauma: Group Classes

Restorative Supreme Release Yoga For Trauma Resolution

What is the difference between “Trauma-Informed Yoga” and “Yoga for Trauma”?

Trauma-Informed yoga may mean that the teacher has some understanding of trauma, but this teaching method is often centered around how to help students avoid triggers. It doesn’t directly address or resolve the trauma itself.

Yoga for Trauma is deeply trauma-informed, but goes a step further in that it actually supports students to finally release the painful trauma patterns in the body, rather than simply learning how to avoid triggering them.

Heal fatigue, anxiety, and depletion. Gently release painful, long-held patterns in your mind and body. Learn to relax deeply. Decompress subtle tensions in your pelvis and spine. Restorative yoga here in Evansville, and online!

Yoga is a sacred and deeply personal journey through the physical and subtle realms. Yoga’s original intention actually includes resolving traumatic memories at the level of the body. This purpose has become distorted in the current commercialized world of modern yoga. Yoga for Trauma resolution is not about strengthening, stretching, or striving, but about letting go of effort.

This style of Yogic practice is:

  • blissful; inward
  • slow; gentle
  • restorative & rejuvenating
  • deeply authentic to the tradition
  • accessible to those with physical limitations
  • appropriate for beginners and advanced students alike

If you have been affected by trauma (and today that’s most people to some extent) you might find that your body has “forgotten” how to deeply relax. Learning and regularly practicing this vital skill actually enables and supports the body’s natural healing process, creating a positive cascade effect for your health!

True Yoga is not about acrobatics, choreography, or outward appearances. It is an inward-oriented journey.

Yoga for Trauma is a weekly class, with alternating weeks in-person and online. In-person class space is limited to 8 participants and pre-registration is required. Online/recording access is unlimited and available anywhere.

Monthly Memberships

Tier 1 (remote only) includes access to bi-weekly live-taught + recorded classes via Zoom, as well as access to the library of previous class recordings.
Tier 2 includes all of the above benefits, with the addition of live in-person classes (must pre-register) every other week. That’s up to 5 live classes a month!

This is a restorative, prop-heavy yoga style.

If attending in person: I have all the props you will need! Just bring yourself, a water bottle with a lid, and comfy clothes (this is not a workout, so athletic clothes are not required). If stairs are an issue, I suggest attending online; there are two flights of stairs to get to the yoga room.
If attending by zoom or recording: you will need to have your own props. These should include a chair or ottoman; 5 or so yoga blankets or thick towels; 2-4 yoga blocks; and cushions, flat bolsters, or gardening pads.

Classes are held Thursday at 6:30pm Central Time. We alternate weeks in-person and on Zoom. Pre-register to save your spot!

(Must attend live, either on zoom or in person. Does not include recording access)

(Both memberships include live-taught classes + access to the library of class recordings)

"Yoga is a letting-go program."

-Swami Dayananda