What is Therapeutic Yoga?

Yoga was always intended to be therapeutic, adaptable, and accessible for every body. Therefore, most people’s idea of yoga contains a major misconception. True yoga is not strenuous (though there may be effort), nor does it require any flexibility (though range of motion may improve).

The true purpose and practice of therapeutic yoga is best summed up by a quote from Pierre Bonnasse:

Poses should not be executed like a performance or in a spirit of competition, but with total awareness, alert attention, and without expecting any results: as if each time is the first time. We do this by focusing on every breath and on the sensations arising and dissolving in each moment. The pose becomes the basis for extensive inner listening and a preview to the feeling of profound tranquility.

Therapeutic Yoga is ultimately not about physical postures at all. Rather, it’s a state of mind cultivated through intentional practice.

If one is performing the most amazing physical yoga posture, without the proper state of mind, it is not yoga.

If one is putting no effort toward posture, but the mind is in a state of yoga, that posture is yoga.

So, the answer to the question of “can I do yoga?” Is always YES! Anyone can benefit from therapeutic yoga, regardless of your body type or what your body has been through. And it doesn’t have to happen at a gym or in a group class, where the teacher’s attention toward you is limited.

Therapeutic yoga is all about slowing down. Yes, we may build strength in some postures, but strength is not the goal. (Calisthenics and weight lifting already meet that need.) Yoga is not about flexibility, though it may gradually increase your range of motion. Flexibility and strength are lovely and important side effects of yoga, not its purpose. Yoga’s purpose and intention is to work with your state of mind.

Therefore physical postures are focused toward a balance between movement and stillness, breath and awareness. We cultivate a particular inner attitude. We let go of striving, over-efforting, and straining. Life is strenuous enough, and we are constantly under inner and outer pressure. Why would we want to bring that mindset into our yoga practice?

My therapeutic yoga clients report feeling more balanced, calm, open, and able to approach their day with joy. Each session can be its own oasis in which you enter a rich inner landscape – one of peaceful focus and open, spacious awareness without the need for attaining a particular result.

Therapeutic yoga is completely customizable to your individual needs. Whether your body is experiencing:

  • Overweight/obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Acute or chronic pain
  • Mobility issues, limited range of motion
  • Undergoing intensive medical treatment (such as for cancer)

  • Or you are facing some other challenge, whether mental, physical, or spiritual…

Therapeutic yoga can help you. Thousands of years of unbroken tradition passed from teacher to student, along with decades of clinical study, prove yoga’s benefits.

Through a process of inward listening, accessing stillness, and releasing tension in the body, you can discover what is already there but has been covered up: a sense of calm, open, spacious awareness. That is your true self, and it’s accessible with Therapeutic Yoga.

I encourage you to experience for yourself, what cannot truly be explained in words.

**Note** For pricing simplicity, I have combined Therapeutic Yoga sessions with Assisted Stretching and Fascia Self-Treatment. They are all different modalities, but depending on each client’s needs, one or all three can be integrated in a single session.

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