What is Yoga Therapy?

“Can I do yoga?”

The answer to this question is always YES! Anyone can benefit from yoga therapy, regardless of your body type, your physical abilities or limitations, or what your body and mind have been through.

Yoga Therapy is done in individual sessions and is completely customizable to your particular needs. Whether your body is experiencing:

  • Arthritis
  • Injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Overweight/obesity
  • Acute or chronic pain
  • Mobility issues, limited range of motion
  • Undergoing intensive medical treatment (such as for cancer)
  • Or you are facing some other challenge, whether mental, physical, or spiritual…

Yoga therapy can help you. Yoga was always intended to be adaptable and accessible for every body.

Ultimately, yoga’s purpose is deep personal transformation. When we are in touch with our true self, and our actions are aligned with that truth, we live with inner ease, greater clarity, and less suffering.

Yoga Therapy can include (customized to the individual):

  • Lifestyle, routine, & dietary recommendations
  • Mindfulness and inner listening
  • Practical philosophy for daily living, in alignment with yogic principles
  • Yogic counseling
  • Gentle, relaxing posture and breath work

The yoga style that I offer is gentle, restful, rejuvenating, and helps release deep layers of long-held tension in the pelvis and spine. It does not involve stretching, straining, strengthening, or striving. The immediate result is less anxiety, less physical pain, less emotional reactivity, and lower mental stress. Yoga’s promise is that with repetition, this can eventually become our natural state.

Yoga is not a competition, a performance, or an athletic exercise. Life is difficult enough, and we are constantly under inner and outer pressure to strive and strain more. Yoga, when practiced in alignment with its true purpose, allows instead for a deep letting go that leads to a feeling of profound tranquility.

Experience being fully supported as you enter your own rich inner landscape – experience yourself within a realm of peaceful focus and spacious awareness.

I encourage you to experience for yourself, what cannot truly be explained in words.

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