Upcoming event: Women’s Wisdom Circle

The first-ever ONLINE series of its kind offered by Rooted Bliss!

2020 was one of the most stressful years ever, for all of us! This course was created to help us all start to move forward and out of our reactive stress patterns, in a way that’s connected to our bodies and our true selves, that honors our deepest and best intentions, and that builds on shared experiences to create community.

Don’t just “deal with” stress; build your own resilience. In this course, we’ll be using the tools of yoga, mindfulness, trauma recovery, somatic integration, therapeutic movement, and -more- to actively build up your ability to transition through life’s inevitable changes and stresses with ease and grace.

This women’s circle will bring us together in authenticity and sacred space, allowing us to see and be seen in a safe, private and supportive environment.

The structure of the weeks will be based loosely around the chakras. The offerings will include somatic resilience tools, teachings from yoga philosophy (the original cognitive behavior therapy), specific practices and guided meditations that you can continue using on your own, as well as partner and group activities, journal prompts, and guided movement (accessible for every body).

You can participate at whatever level feels comfortable to you. Video on or off, and prioritizing your self care – if you need to eat, or use the restroom, or take a few minutes to care for your children, by all means! You don’t need permission to take care of yourself.

Because this group is interactive, live attendance is required. There may be a possibility in the future for recorded events, so if you can’t make the time and day for this round, stay tuned!

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BIPOC Scholarship

Rooted Bliss is committed to an inclusive and supportive environment. Therefore two (2) full scholarships are being offered specifically to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, &/or People of Color) participants.

Contact me directly to sign up using this scholarship.


This course starts Monday, May 10, 2021 and ends Monday, June 28 (seven classes over 8 weeks).

We will skip one week due to Memorial Day (Monday May 31).

All classes are Mondays, 6:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm Central / 4:30pm Mountain. Click here to find your time zone.

Each class will be approximately 2 hours.

Meetings are held over Zoom. A link will be provided when you sign up. You may also join by phone, using the phone number and meeting ID in the invitation when you sign up.

Last day to sign up or cancel is May 3, 2020.


The investment for this course is meant to be accessible and based on need/ability to contribute.

-For those in financial need the Community level is offered at a discounted rate. ($275 or about $20 per hour)

-The Standard level covers your own participation in the course and the cost of materials. ($360 or about $26 per hour)

-If you are blessed with more and want to contribute, the Supporter level aids in allowing those in need to participate. ($450 or about $32 per hour)

Payment plans are available for all levels.

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This course encompasses the best of my knowledge and somatic tools for resilience, accumulated across nearly 10 years of study and practice. Classes are based around the following themes:

Week 1: Safety/security and the nervous system; addressing fear and chronic stress; grounding. Working with the adrenal glands, feet and legs.

Week 2: Duality/polarities and their role in the psyche; dealing with emotions; nurturing self and others. Working with the pelvis and lower belly.

Week 3: Intention; willpower; and self-compassion. Working with the mid-back and lower ribs, and digestive system.

Week 4: Love; developing and increasing compassion for others; holding grief; healing. Working with the heart, lungs, upper back and arms.

Week 5: Self-Expression; creativity; communication. Working with the neck, throat, ears, jaw, and shoulders.

Week 6: Imagination; connecting to our intuition and inner vision. Working with the eyes and base of the skull.

Week 7: Integration; awareness; and wrapping up. Working with the mind.

Each week includes:
-journal prompt
-discussion and teaching
-guided meditation (this part will be recorded and sent to course participants!)
-healing movement practice
-an offering of specific somatic tools and techniques you can continue to use on your own
-partner activity (optional)
-closing circle / group share
-optional chanting/singing practice.

A special self-care kit is included in the cost of the course and will be mailed to you at the address you provide.

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Although 2021 is marching along, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel of this pandemic, some of us are still feeling the effects of the cumulative stress. Our brains and bodies have probably taken about all they can handle and may not be functioning at optimal levels. Perhaps our health has declined; we might have new digestive issues, depressive or anxiety symptoms, trouble sleeping, or new aches and pains. Even as things start to open up and life eventually returns to normal, this year+ of intense stress has taken a toll. Maybe we find ourselves stuck in patterns we thought we’d conquered before. We might be grieving the lives we had before, and struggling to find meaning after a year of uncertainty and restricted daily life. We might even be dealing with the loss of loved ones and friends.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We’d love to have you join us! It is my deepest honor to offer these teachings and to hold sacred space for our collective transformation. Reserve your spot today. Last day to sign up is May 3, 2021.

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-I’m interested, but I want to know more. How can I find out if this course is right for me before I commit?

You’re in luck. We are offering a FREE one-hour live preview! This will take place April 26 at 6:30 EST, exactly two weeks before the course begins. It is not required to attend if you want to sign up for the course, but you are more than welcome! Sign up for the live preview here.

-What if I sign up and need to cancel?

No worries! Just contact me to cancel. You have until one week before the course to do so and receive a full refund. Sorry, cancellations made after May 3, 2021 will not receive a refund.

-How many spots are there?

Up to 15 people may participate.

-Payment plans. Do you offer them?

Yes! This can be arranged separately. Let’s come up with something that works for you. If you do decide on a payment plan, the full amount due must be paid on or before June 7, 2021 (halfway through the course).

-Will sessions be recorded?

This content may be recorded for my own learning purposes as a practitioner, but will never be shared publicly or saved in a way that anyone but myself can access it.

-Do I have to attend live?

For this course, yes. Live participation is required due to the interactive nature of the course.

-I won’t be able to attend one of the weeks. Is that an issue?

No problem! Please let me know beforehand and we can schedule a short (30-45min) make-up session the same week. We all have busy lives and things happen, but please do your best to attend every session and be on time as it helps hold the sacred space for the whole group when we all honor our commitment. One free make-up session will be available per person for this course; after the first one, a fee will be charged for each subsequent make-up session.

-I can’t make this time/day at all. Will there be other classes like this offered in the future?

Don’t worry, we’re just getting started! This course will hopefully be one of many, including recorded classes you can take on your own time! Sign up for email updates to be notified in advance of future classes (don’t worry, we will never spam you or share your info).

-Do I need to bring anything?

Nothing is required. If you have them, it’s recommended that you bring: comfortable clothes you can move in; a yoga mat; a foam roller; a quiet place free from distractions; a journal and pen and/or your favorite art supplies such as crayons, markers, colored pencils, paint and paintbrush, etc.

-I need to eat during this time / my kids will be around / my pet will be in my lap. Is that okay?

Absolutely! A resounding yes. Whatever your situation is, it will be fine. Again, you do not need permission to take care of yourself!

Can I move / stretch / sit out for an activity / take notes / use the restroom during class?

There will be a scheduled 5-minute break halfway through each session. But again, you do not need permission to take care of yourself!

I see it says “women’s healing circle.” Is this a trans-inclusive space?

Yes! The class is open to biological females as well as queer, nonbinary, and transitioning or transitioned femme folk.

The schedule says “about 2 hours.” What does that mean? I need to plan!

Each class has about 110-115 minutes of planned content. That said, the class is designed to be a dynamic, humanizing flow. Some activities might take less time, and some may take more time than planned, but you should expect class to last no longer than 2 hours maximum. Our commitment is to honor your time, as well!