Hello! I’m Kate Hartman, the practitioner behind Rooted Bliss LLC. This page describes a little about me and my background.

It all started when I experienced a major trauma in 2014 – I was attacked by a stranger while riding my bicycle home. I had several broken bones in my face as a result, and I was very shaken up. The physical injuries healed within weeks, but for months afterward I found myself stagnant. I was frozen in a distracted state, unable to leave the house or go about my daily activities. I felt helpless and stuck, and not at all like myself. Waves of anxiety would come over me at bedtime, making it impossible to sleep. I knew I needed help.

I tried traditional “talk therapy,” and although I really liked my therapist and found her very compassionate, the process of trying to talk about what happened actually made my symptoms worse. I would go to a session and find the rest of my day was destroyed, and in general I was having more crying spells, spaciness & dissociation, and a greater desire to use substances to numb out. I knew there had to be a better way to address my symptoms. I began searching for alternative healing methods, and that’s when I found Somatic Experiencing (SE).

My first session with an SE practitioner was a revelation. The session felt simple, clear, and meditative. We focused gently on the body sensations that were arising in the moment, rather than going over the story in my head of what happened. She offered gentle, over-the-clothes touch to help my body feel safe. We also focused on my resilience by recognizing that I lived through it, I made it. After only one session, I felt like a Human Being for the first time in months. I went back for about 15 sessions in all to heal that single-incident trauma, and in the end I felt better than I had before the attack happened. SE gave me my life back, and completely resolved my PTSD symptoms. I felt more alive, resilient, creative, and free.

I knew then I had to pay it forward and share this work with the world. I immediately signed up for training in SE. Since SE is a trauma protocol and not a comprehensive healing modality, the training institute requires certification in another modality. Enter Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT). I chose yoga therapy rather than psychotherapy or counseling because of my background in teaching yoga, and my desire to offer alternatives to traditional talk therapy. Not that there’s anything wrong with talk therapy! It has been enormously helpful at different points in my life, and most of my clients are already seeing a psychotherapist or counselor. It’s just that when there are bodily symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disturbances, flashbacks, and addiction, it may be especially important to seek somatic healing to address these symptoms, as an adjunct to psychotherapy.

For my training, PRYT provided a backdrop against which to offer SE. It includes a way to structure a session from beginning to end, as well as a dialogue process and a set of assisted postures to pull from. It is based in the principles of informed choice, embodied presence, and unconditional positive regard. While I don’t necessarily offer a full PRYT session to every client (depending on the client’s needs and background), the intense training and practice sessions I went through for certification still inform the work I do in nearly every way.

It took 4 years to become certified in these modalities, which I did while I lived in Colorado. In 2019, my fiance and I moved to Evansville, Indiana, where I started my private practice. I am continuing my education with Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry and Kathy Kain’s Touch Skills Training, as part of an overall goal to become a well-rounded alternative practitioner. In this way, I can offer the ancient wisdom of yoga through PRYT, the resolution of trauma, stress and addiction through SE, as well as using touch to create deep bodily regulation, and coaching the client’s awareness toward the root of their present issues through my continued training.

Every consultation, every intake, and every session begins from the viewpoint that you, the client, already have wholeness inside you. That no human is too far gone to find resilience and thrive. And that our symptoms, rather than being pathological, contain the roots of our healing. You CAN begin again.

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