My practice is not licensed or regulated by any state. I am not qualified to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any mental or physical health conditions. I can only work within the scope of my practice. If at any point a client would be better served by a different modality or provider, an appropriate referral can be made.

My services are intended to complement regular medical and psychological care, not as a replacement for these.

I am committed to the utmost ethical conduct. I follow these professional guidelines:

  1. The purpose of the work I offer is to create safety, and to balance and harmonize the nervous system through awareness and intention.
  2. Any touch I offer will always happen only with the client’s consent in the moment. I am not a massage therapist or chiropractor; I do not manipulate muscles or bones. The touch I offer is light pressure, non-invasive, over the clothing, and non-sexual in nature.
  3. My relationship with clients is collaborative. The ideal outcome of our work together is that the client’s personhood and agency is not only maintained but encouraged and empowered. My goal is for clients to become more self-regulated over time and less dependent on my care.
  4. I hold my clients’ identities as confidential and will protect the information I gather over the course of their care as strictly confidential. However, this information is not protected under the law as it would be in a licensed psychotherapy practice. Disclosure to appropriate persons or entities may be required by law in some cases.
  5. A sexual relationship between myself and a client will never be appropriate, even after our professional relationship has ended.
  6. Clients are free to terminate their professional relationship with me at any point.