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Great! Now that you have subscribed, here is a little bit more you need to know about the SSP Connect.

  • SSP is not to be used while driving or operating machinery.
  • It may be played ambient on speakers, straight from your smartphone/tablet, or through a pair of over-the-ear headphones.
  • The tracks may be played in any order. You may find you prefer some tracks over others.
  • Earbuds are not recommended as they change the physical structure of the ear, reducing the vibrations which affect the middle ear.

SSP Connect may be safely used in a variety of environments. Some possible suggestions/options for use:

  • Sitting or lying quietly
  • Reading
  • Doing a meditative movement exercise such as gentle stretching
  • Journaling
  • Finger painting
  • Putting together a puzzle
  • Working on the computer
  • Gentle rocking/swinging
  • Walking in a quiet natural area outdoors
  • Calming self-touch to arms and legs, belly and heart

SSP Connect – Classical is full-spectrum music modified to create calming. SSP Balance has similar filtration to the SSP Core, but without the intense vagal re-set. Each track’s filtration is identical, so you may pick and choose which you prefer. If you’d like to have a list of songs on each track, just send me a message.

If you have any questions about how to use the SSP Connect, or if you need help getting set up (see instructions below) please reach out to me.

How to Access Your Subscription

A MyUnyte invitation link will be sent to the email associated with your PayPal account. **If you prefer me to send the invitation to a different email, or if you are purchasing a subscription for someone else, please fill out the form below to indicate where you would like the invitation sent!

The invitation will come from “Unyte-iLs Success.” If you don’t receive such an email within 24 hours of completed payment, please contact me. Once your account is set up, you can listen on your desktop or laptop with an internet connection. You can also download the MyUnyte app to your device: iOSAndroid

Once you have the app downloaded, simply log-in using the account ID and password you created from your invitation link. After you log in, you can download either the Balance, Classical, or both types of music to your device. A wi-fi connection is recommended as the download does take some time, but after it’s downloaded the music will be available for you to listen as often as you like, for the duration of your subscription.

After your one-week free trial, your subscription will auto-renew monthly until you cancel. You can cancel anytime from within your PayPal account or by contacting me.

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